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10-09-2014 - >>
Interested in technology futures? Some interesting links.
24-03-2014 - >>
Julian Josem has been appointed to the Victorian ICT Health Ministerial Advisory Council.
28-02-2014 - >>
ARTS (Association for Retail Technology Standards) has released V7 of its Data Model.
28-10-2013 - >>
Mozi Designs goes live with Pronto on time
31-01-2013 - >>
Link to 2013 NRF presentations
12-09-2011 - >>
Productivity Commission report links - Here are the links to the source materials - makes for interesting reading.
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Advisory Services

Josem knows that aligning technology investments with a retailer's needs will bring many benefits.  

Our firm therefore helps our clients use the power of technology to catalyse business growth and holistically harmonise business processes.

  • We work with growing retailers to select the best match technology to the business needs and then plan and manage the deployment to deliver the results the business demands.

    We make the changes happen within the organisation, taking care to adapt best practice to the specific business environment faced by our retailer client.

  • All of our consultants are mature, have extensive experience, and are considered experts in their fields.  

We work closely with our clients to manage the complex cultural and operational changes that follow the introduction of new business processes. 

We do this by:

  • Ensuring business ownership of all IT initiatives
  • Forecasting and interpreting technology trends
  • Developing a business-led vision for IT
  • Harnessing information resources to transform ways of working
  • Helping to re-orient the company from silo-based to multi-channel

As mentioned above, we focus on delivering business outcomes, and we are definitely NOT formula bound. 

It's not a cookie cutter approach that we take, but we find that our work generally comes within one of the following four areas:

  1. Systems & Technology
  2. Multi-Channel
  3. Business Performance improvement
  4. Industry support

We are a small group of very experienced consultants of proven ability who work in partnership with clients over long periods.  

We develop bespoke approaches, methods, and tools to address specific client issues and always transfer the skills to client staff so that they derive lasting benefit 

Our sole measure of success is customer satisfaction and attainment of project goals.  

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